Unified view of all your customer data

Safely manage your databases, create your own audiences and get a centralized view of the performance of your digital and e-commerce campaigns.

Get a detailed 360
customer view

Single Customer View
Our complete SCV allows you to store all of your consumer information in a secure and integrated way, achieving a 360 single view of each one of them.

¿What are the benefits of having a SCV?

Audience enrichment and centralized management

Database storage with greater security and privacy

Content customization and long-term relationship building

Understanding how consumers engage with your brand

Manage, enrich and segment your audiences

Deeply understand user behavior, their tastes and preferences regarding your brand and your different platforms by monitoring, grouping and analyzing their interactions.

Our algorithm is able to group all of the data from a unique user throughout different campaigns in an integrated way within our CDP, in order to identify them as a single consumer.

Our advanced filters allow you to select different features of various consumers within your database, segment data and build audiences for various media.

Manage, enrich and segment your audiences

Touchpoint tracking
Get to know your customers on a deeper level and refine your strategy by tracking, grouping and analyzing their interactions with your brand across multiple platforms.

Consumer enrichment
Our algorithm groups all of the data from a unique user throughout different campaigns in an integrated way within our CDP, in order to identify them as a single consumer.

User profiling
Segment your consumer data and build targeted audiences for different media using our advanced filtering system.

We meet the highest safety standards

Link all your campaigns and forms

Integration plugins
Gather real-time consumer data across all your campaigns by seamlessly connecting any form with our API integrations.

Link modules and get more
valuable information about your consumers

Leads & Performance

Identify consumer behavior and track campaign UTMs to see which ads are driving traffic to your site.

Paid Media

Monitor your investment and conversions through charts and dashboards, and understand what your consumers are best reacting to.

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Add Artificial Intelligence to your data, access automated analytical models and improve your results.

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Follow up close and analyze everything users say about your brand, your competition and the market in digital media.

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Visualize, analyze and understand the performance of your OOH marketing actions and base your strategies on accurate data.

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Store and analyze your databases in a secure and integrated way, track your conversions and build your own audiences.

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Analyze, manage and understand how each of your marketing actions are working, from a single and complete platform.

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