Avedis Boudakian on his entrepreneurial journey

Our Founder & CEO was interviewed for his constant entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age. He was only 17 years old when he first needed to create something that worked and was lucky enough to meet the right people sharing his same passions. Thus, he co-created The Electric Factory and Bunker DB, two leading companies in the digital field that are constantly growing and expanding their businesses.

Passion is a powerful word for an entrepreneur because there is no business without it. Entrepreneurship implies being passionate because it means a huge sacrifice,” Avedis commented. And he goes on to tell how his passion led him to trust in the most challenging moments, to face frustrations.

The journalist, Alexis Canahui, assures that in his country -Guatemala- there are more than 150,000 young people who graduate annually, and only 5% have the opportunity to go to university; 20% of these find a job. And he asks Avedis if this could be one of the reasons why there are so many startups in Latin America.

“I believe there is no way for a country to progress if it is not with entrepreneurs who have projects that can take the country forward. Therefore, entrepreneurs are essential in society, not only as job-generating agents but also as innovation-generating agents.” Avedis continues telling “the entrepreneur is essential for society, but the government must support it. A sustainable ecosystem is created if this occurs, and entrepreneurs who benefit from it will invest in their own country.”

The conversation between Alexis and Avedis continues; you can read it thoroughly here. This is “an essential talk for entrepreneurs and company directors who seek to learn from the experience of someone who started from scratch and today eats up the technological world with international bites.”

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